GUBSKA TRANSGRUP can offer a full and a professional consultation related to the transportation of your goods by road, rail, sea and air.

Our consultations are FREE! Just contact us, and we will explain you everything related with cargo transportation. Our staff is waiting for your calls and e-mails. We are your assistants in the field of cargo transportation.

A full range of consulting for foreign trade and customs affairs for businesses and individuals, namely:

  • development of the logistics supply chain;
  • preparation and adjustment (taking into account the requirements of the law and customs authorities) contracts and related documents to them, the development of conditions and forms of payment for goods, etc.;
  • optimization of customs clearance and payment of customs duties;
  • determine the possibility of obtaining privileges on payment of customs duties and assist in their actual providing;
  • consultations on the order of registration and content of documents required for customs purposes, assistance in the preparation of these documents.

Plan your trade deals after consultation with us. We will develop for you a transport scheme which fully meets your requirements.

Feel free to ask us questions, send requests a quote.