GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides services for consolidation, storage, processing and shipment.
Warehouses (as for full load as groupage) of GUBSKA TRANSGRUP are located in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Ukraine.

Offered warehouses are strategically located - close to major highways, airports and seaports. Storages of GUBSKA TRANSGRUP have a high-level of security. 

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP has the ability to packaging, storage and transport of cargoes from anywhere in Europe and the world, and also from hard-to-load points to its warehouses, with further storage or delivery to the consignee.

GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides services for dispatching, cargo transportation and freight forwarding. Specialists of the company prepare all supporting documentation. If necessary, the goods can be insured. Also, GUBSKA TRANSGRUP provides guarding and escorting of cargo on request of the customer.