GUBSKA TRANSGRUP being modern, dynamically developing company focuses its activities on a comprehensive customer service. In addition with the basic package of transport and logistics services GUBSKA TRANSGRUP offers and successfully implements orders for the customs clearance of export and import cargoes. Our staff competently and efficiently perform all necessary customs procedures, significantly reducing your time and costs.


  • providing services both individuals and companies;
  • accreditation at customs in Ukraine;
  • customs clearance of goods (import, export, temporary import/export, preliminary declaration, etc.) in Italy,  Ukraine and in other countries of European Union;
  • export declaration (EX1);
  • preparation of transit guarantee (Т-1, Т-2);
  • compilation of CARNET TIR, Carnet ATA, transport documents CMR and ATR;
  • additional services of preparation of documents;
  • calculation of customs duties;
  • preparation of shipping and commercial documentation of the cargo required for customs clearance purposes, both in Ukraine and in the European Union;
  • receipt of necessary certificates (phytosanitary, veterinary and others.) for customs clearance of cargo;
  • assistance in cooperation with the customs authorities during customs clearance of cargo;
  • Lawful support on customs issues. 

Having entrusted us to provide comprehensive services for the delivery of your goods and their customs clearance, you have the opportunity to focus and to direct saved funds on growing of your business!